As someone who was previously employee #2 at an early-stage startup, I can relate with this a lot: "With joining Slido super early and the ownership that came with it, I often felt as if I was one of the founders. In retrospect, that came at the price of losing my own identity for a few years."

During this time I had to continuously remind myself in the past that "I am not my company."

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Dec 17, 2021Liked by Juraj Pal

Great post Juraj! Low ego (or in Hopin's case, #noego) is such an important company value, especially at during the early and scaling phases of a startup. At Hopin we constantly had to scrap projects and people's focus often had to change over night or they had to do jobs that were outside of their job description. Nobody ever complained, we just did what's best for the company.

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